FileMaker, Inc., a subsidiary of Apple Computer, announced the release of FileMaker 16. This version is packed with some very important new features that makes the FileMaker platform even more powerful.

FileMaker was already a great product – so great that we have been able to devote 100% of our services for all of our customers to it for a solid 18+ years. Now, with FileMaker 16, Alchemy Consulting stands ready to deliver even more and greater apps.

Among the new features:

  • New mobile features that enhance the user experience on iPad and other iOS devices, including better signature capture, and animations that give better feedback on what’s happening with your data.
  • Cards, a new way of presenting information in a window. It’s cool, trust me!
  • Enhanced PDF support
  • An all-new interface for Windows users
  • New ways to connect to the rest of the world using great APIs like REST, cURL, and JSON. Again, trust me, it’s very cool!

This is only a tiny scratch of the surface of this great new release! Find out more at And if you have any questions, contact us.