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Alchemy will build you a custom project management solution from the ground-up

We believe your organization should be able to manage projects however you would like. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for price point, just like you shouldn’t have to choose between functionality and ease-of-use. Alchemy offers customized project management solutions with the unique intent of eliminating redundancies and inefficiencies, while tangibly contributing to ROI.

Alchemy Project Management Software Helps You:

  • Track projects using your own business rules

  • Manage deadlines and report on efficiency in meeting them

  • Create accountability for quality and timeliness

  • Report on status and profitability of projects

  • Save time and money with powerful, custom, easy-to-use systems

With the near-lightspeed velocity of commerce, it’s more crucial than ever to ensure teams are able to collaborate on projects in a streamlined fashion. Modern businesses require modern business software, and The Alchemy Group provides exactly that.

Alchemy provides completely customized project management software that only addresses your organizational needs — and nothing superfluous. How? We understand that no two businesses are alike, so it follows that no two businesses would need the same project management software. Therefore, we listen before we plan. You tell us what you are looking for, and then we’ll get to work on creating a tailored project management solution that improves organizational inefficiencies while saving your workforce time and money.

Features & Benefits

While every business is unique, rest assured that Alchemy provides indispensable features when developing your project management software, including:

  • Task Distribution
  • Team Collaboration
  • Resource Organization
  • Budgeting
  • Time Tracking
  • Many Others!

No matter your industry, we offer intuitive, integrative, and collaborative software solutions for business. We build easy-to-use task management software that your workforce will be excited to use because it makes their day-to-day life easier. What’s more, we develop systems that integrate with almost every major platform, from QuickBooks and Salesforce to Tableau and DocuSign. If you have a question about integrations, don’t hesitate to ask us. The odds are strong we’ll be able to formulate a solution you are pleased with.

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We are a custom software company that creates solutions based on your organization’s unique needs. For experienced FileMaker Certified Development, look no further than The Alchemy Group. We’d love to hear from you, learn about your business, and collaborate with you to bring about a project management solution that saves you time and money.

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