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Alchemy is proud to offer a completely customizable CRM solution as part of our software-for-business services. At the end of the day, your business is only as successful as your ability to keep your customers informed and satisfied. With our custom CRM development team, we can create a fully tailored customer relationship management solution that addresses your company’s specific needs.

Our Integrated CRM Software Allows You To:

  • Track customers, leads, follow-ups

  • Easily look up customers and their orders & jobs

  • Schedule customer appointment

  • Have a CRM system tailored to your unique organizational needs

  • Keep your customers, by keeping them happy!

Simple, Powerful, & Effective CRM Software

Alchemy prioritizes eliminating organizational inefficiencies and redundancies while contributing to positive ROI when we create a CRM database from the ground up. While that might sound idealistic in theory, we accomplish this in the same way we create all of our custom software for businesses — by first listening to our customers and what they need.

This is how we have become successful at Alchemy Group; we take the time to target particular shortcomings and areas of opportunity that each of our customers’ organizations has. Whether yours pertains to the better tracking leads and customers on an internal level or you’d like a tool for customer relationship management that is specifically for your clients’ improved user experience, we are capable of delivering intelligent, easy-to-use CRM software your entire workforce will be excited about.

Why Your Business Needs A Modern CRM System

Perhaps you are like many other decision makers in that you’ve been searching for the right small business CRM software, unsuccessfully. Whether your organization technically qualifies as an SMB or not, the CRM end-game remains the same; effective CRM systems contribute to increased sales, customer-bases, and general exposure. Of course, simply having a consolidated CRM database moves the proverbial needle in the right direction. But there are plenty more benefits that an Alchemy-designed CRM system offers than mere organization.
Among them are:

  • Sales reporting – track sales performance in an intelligent way. Select the most important metrics for your business to identify areas of opportunity when managing your pipeline.
  • Segment your customers – The more you can get inside your target market’s head, the more profitable you can become. Not only is this useful for marketing efforts, but the ability to segment customers in a variety of ways, such as location, will help eliminate organizational inefficiencies in a dramatic way.
  • Integrative & Intuitive – Alchemy’s CRM software, though completely customizable, is guaranteed to be easy-to-use. We also integrate with most major platforms, so you’ll be able to integrate our CRM software with the internal tools already in use.

Choose The Alchemy Group

Whether you are interested in our CRM development services or other sorts of custom software for businesses, choosing Alchemy presents your company with a compelling opportunity. Our priority is to ensure you receive tailored, practically beneficial tools that make the lives of your staff and customers better in a tangible way. Contact us to schedule a free consultation at your convenience!