At last year’s FileMaker Developer Conference, it was made abundantly clear that Claris International Incorporated (formerly FileMaker Inc.) was taking many bold steps to drive the FileMaker platform forward at a faster pace. With the addition to the product line of Claris Connect, extensibility and flexibility have become central concerns, cementing FileMaker in its lead position as the most powerful and nimble development platform. 

Now, with the release of FileMaker 19, another huge acceleration of the platform is occurring as integration with JavaScript becomes a native feature. This makes it possible to bring any of thousands of existing open source javascript libraries into a FileMaker app. JavaScript has become the engine that drives modern web development, making it possible to add chunks of application code wherever they are needed in a web page. In FileMaker, those same code snippets can be integrated with the system to interact with your data in refreshing new ways. Things like calendars, Gannt charts, image editing — the possibilities vary widely. All you need to know is that things just got a lot more exciting in the world of FileMaker!

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