Many businesses are as unique as any two fingerprints, and the reality is, off-the-shelf software will not likely fit their needs. These type of businesses need solutions for how they get things accomplished — how they track their work, manage their inventory, pay their people for their work. The solution is custom business software.

If your business is searching for a custom software solution tailored to your needs, then you need to find a software development partner that is committed to understanding your business in order to design a custom solution that incorporates everything you need to solve your business problems. The best analysts, developers, and software consulting group can translate business needs into project specifications and user-friendly design. Before you select a software consulting group, review the considerations below.

Collaboration and Accessibility

Having a company create custom built software for your business requires true collaboration. This means phone calls, in-person meetings and collaboration, and continuous communication. It is important to find a software development partner understands your vision and business needs. Be sure to determine each developer and software consulting group’s ability and willingness to listen, share expertise and ideas, and quickly pivot.

At Alchemy Group, our team works with our clients in a collaborative way to determine the best approach for custom built software that meets their business needs.

Technical Experience

When it comes to custom business software, the end result relies heavily on a company’s technical expertise and quality of work. Some teams offer expertise in a single coding language or custom framework; others offer distinct technical expertise. Since every business has different software needs, the firm or software consulting group should be able to maintain a high standard of quality across different technologies.

Filemaker Solutions

People typically seek out a custom software solution when their company is growing, their business needs change, or things start getting out of control. Custom business software can take your business beyond spreadsheets, excess paperwork, and proprietary software solutions.

With FileMaker, custom software can integrate features such as tracking customers and contacts, managing specific department processes, inventory management, quotes, and invoicing to meet the needs of your business. When you work with a FileMaker consultant, they will be able to build you a custom, user-friendly, business databases that look and work the way that suits you best.


As you can imagine, creating custom built software for businesses is complex. Since much of the development work is not seen by the end-user, it takes technical knowledge and to assess the quality of work. Not all businesses have someone in-house that is tech-savvy. Therefore, you should find a consulting group that not only strives for high-quality work, but is transparent and approachable throughout the entire development process.

Reputation and Proven Results

One of the best ways to verify a software development partner is to take a look at some of the work that has been done. What type of custom software has the company built, for what industries, and what are the results? Custom business software development is a long-term process. You want to work with a reliable team that is committed to developing a sustainable, collaborative partnership.

Invest in Efficiency

Software and technology is an extension of your business. It represents who you and precepts how work is executed. Even the most powerful and beautifully-designed software is useless if it doesn’t fit the distinct needs of your business. In order to build a custom solution tailored to your needs, the software consulting group you choose must understand you and your business.

If you are in need of custom-built software for your business, contact The Alchemy Group. Our team of developers and FileMaker programmers will be able to build a custom solution tailored to the needs of your business.