Custom Project Estimating Software

When Cookie-Cutter Estimators Just Won’t Cut It

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Full Integration & Intuitive Ease-Of-Use

Alchemy is proud to offer custom estimating software. When Excel simply doesn’t offer the flexible algorithms required for parametric estimating, Alchemy provides estimating software that is tailored to your organizational needs. With full integration and ease-of-use as our priorities, our custom business software is intentionally designed to contribute to ROI while streamlining communication between company and customer.

Create Sophisticated Estimates In Less Time With Alchemy:

  • Ideal for contractor-related industries

  • A variety of estimation inputs/attributes available at your request

  • Tailorable for import by users via text files or Excel

  • Create and modify estimates quickly and easily

  • Integrate estimate data with budgetary information within one unified system

Increasing Your Bid-To-Win Ratio

Whether you are looking for construction estimating software or are the decision maker for an organization in another vertical, the fact remains that being able to produce more accurate estimates in less time will naturally improve your bid-to-win ratio.

That much is clear. What more and more organizations are realizing, however, is that not all project estimating software is created equal. You’ll often find solutions with superfluous fields and a lack of intuitive usability, not to mention the inability to automatically share data between departments. These are elements that each business cannot afford to be without.

Why Custom Matters

At the end of the day, your company needs a robust project estimating solution that is tailored to your business’ unique needs. Yet not all business’ are created equally. While there are essential components of any functional project estimating software, the beauty of Alchemy’s business software is that it is entirely customized.

That is, we are able to build you a solution from the ground-up. We do this by first listening to your organizational needs before we begin to create a solution. With Alchemy, you can define custom attributes, utilize any established estimation norm from previous tools, establish seamless internal data sharing, and much more.

When Excel and “off-the-shelf” project estimating solutions lack the dexterity modern businesses require, The Alchemy Group is here with a passion for developing a solution that is tangibly beneficial for your workforce and customers.

Why Choose Alchemy

No matter what kind of customized business software you are looking to have developed, choosing Alchemy affords your company with easy-to-use, powerful solutions that are specifically built for your organizational needs. We’ll start by identifying organizational inefficiencies based on your recommendations and go from there! We’ll walk with you through each step of the process, so that there will be no balls dropped during the transitional phase.

Ultimately, we are invested in helping businesses save time and money by building beautiful and efficient software for business.

If you are ready to learn more about The Alchemy Group and what our custom software solutions can do for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Schedule your free consultation at your convenience and tell us about your project! We’d love to hear from you.