The staff of a growing home design business were buried in paperwork from both clients and employees. Getting essential documents signed was a constant speed bump, and often delayed moving work to the next step. We integrated DocuSign into their system to smooth the legal signature process. This resulted in a faster, more secure, and greener way to handle business.

 About DocuSign

DocuSign is a San Francisco–based company that provides electronic signature technology and digital transaction management services for facilitating electronic exchanges of contracts and signed documents. DocuSign’s features include authentication services, user identity management and workflow automation.

About FileMaker


FileMaker is a highly customizable relational database program that can create rich, powerful apps for Mac and Windows, iOS, and the Web. FileMaker’s Workplace Innovation Platform provides companies like Alchemy Consulting Group with a suite of tools that enable us to provide beautiful user interface design that is 100% customized for your organization — no matter how unique your company is. No other platform can deliver the power, speed, and all-in-one inclusiveness of FileMaker! Contact us today for a free consultation!


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