Recently, on a slightly chilly Northern California day, I visited the Wedge (named for it’s unique architectural shape), FileMaker‘s HQ in Silicon Valley. I believe this was my fourth visit, and as usual, the FMI management and staff were not only welcoming, but also great about sharing insights and essential technical info. It was also a real honor to rub elbows, once again, with fellow Platinum and SBA business leaders. FileMaker continues to be the leader as a platform for creating great custom apps for desktop and mobile devices – and these peeks behind the curtain serve to reinforce, in my mind, the various product teams’ strong commitment to forging a great future for developers and our clients.

It’s certainly easy to get into a daily habit of thinking about the software platform my entire team uses every day in a mundane fashion. Working closely with any company starts to feel like a marriage, and working with FileMaker, Inc. is no different. But stepping back for a moment, it’s nice to refresh my perspective, and visits to the Wedge do just that. It’s stunning to me that this wonderful development platform has given me the ability to do such amazing things, solve so many complex problems, help so many businesses expand, innovate, and prosper – it truly is remarkable! Over the years, I have had the pleasure of seeing the way many different business types think about and deliver great products and services to their customers. From schools to manufacturers, service businesses to one-of-a-kind innovators, I can’t think of a single operation that wasn’t fundamentally transformed by what we were able to do with this highly capable product. When it comes to ROI, it’s really hard to beat.

Thanks, FileMaker, Inc., for your hospitality, your insight, and your continued commitment to excellence!