These days, the voluminous amount of data we collect in the course of conducting business transactions requires us to find an efficient way to manage it. There are already big names in the database management software niche, like SQL Server, Microsoft Access and Oracle. But the problem of licensing, sheer size, file sharing and ease of use becomes a limitation. Nevertheless, there is an alternative option to all these limitations: FileMaker Pro.

FileMaker is a relatively easy to use database management software, when it is properly designed by a FileMaker Pro consultant. FileMaker Pro comes in different flavors: FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Server, and FileMaker Go. With FileMaker, customized applications can be created for you depending on the needs of your organization. It is a database platform that stands between your desktop and the datacenter.

FileMaker Pro is used to manage invoices, orders and customer information for organizations of any size. With the help of a FileMaker Pro consultant, you can get a user-friendly interface designed to help you achieve these.

Integrating your FileMaker to the web can also be done through WebDirect or PHP scripting language. Such integration will enable you access the application remotely. It will also enable you collaborate within a small group. To activate this feature in FileMaker, you will require the assistance of an expert FileMaker Pro consultant such as can be found here.

In a situation where a FileMaker user wants to share information with others who are not using FileMaker, they can easily achieve that by exporting the data to Microsoft Excel, PDF or via WebDirect. They can also share data tables with SQL databases.

Using FileMaker as your organization’s database management software will require an initial cost which seems steep in the beginning, but is significantly smaller when compared to other database software. To save cost on your purchase of FileMaker, you can purchase volume licensing instead of individual copies. Volume licensing can be gotten at a discount here.

Finally, if you need to customize FileMaker Pro to fit exactly into your organizational needs so as to get the most out of it, then hiring a certified FileMaker developer will be your best option. You will require a developer with extensive experience and who can think outside the box in creating a database management system that will be flexible for your staff, using FileMaker Pro. An example is Alchemy Group. They have a team of certified and experienced FileMaker consultants that can troubleshoot your existing systems, build from scratch, integrate FileMaker with other technologies and customize FileMaker to perfectly fit into your organizational need. You can contact Alchemy Group at (888) 663-6382 or visit them here.