There’s a FileMaker Go App for That

A few years ago, there was a lot of buzz around FileMaker’s newest product: FileMaker Go – and it has not died down yet! FileMaker Go apps give every organization the ability to take advantage of the power and portability of iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Consider these great possibilities:

  • Want to enter real-time inventory data into your main FileMaker system with an iPad or iPod Touch and a Bluetooth barcode scanner? We can build a FileMaker Go app for that.
  • Or maybe you want to collect survey data on the street without having to worry about re-entering it later? We can build a FileMaker Go app for that.
  • How about collecting patient data, manage prescriptions and diagnoses without hauling a heavy, awkward laptop around? We can build a FileMaker Go app for that.
  • Want to meet with prospective new clients and show them a beautiful, high-res slide show of your products, then enter the sales order or estimate directly into the system? We can build FileMaker Go apps for that.

Let’s face it; computing is going increasingly more mobile every day. And FileMaker Go apps give you the ability to untether yourself and your office from the desktop like never before.

Learn more about how we can build FileMaker Go apps for your organization. Call us today at 888.663.6382