So, What is a “Guru” Anyway?

FileMaker GurusYou’re here because you needed a FileMaker guru. Okay, you found me, and I wasn’t even tucked away on a remote mountaintop. No, wait, that’s a hermit. A guru is something else; someone who has gained FileMaker Guru status has worked unfailingly toward a single goal of pure FileMaker enlightenment, FileMaker samadhi, if you will.

All kidding aside, at the Alchemy Consulting Group, we are the real deal. Despite the fact that we rarely sit on the floor (my legs go numb), levitate (I don’t even like airplanes), or chant (well, sometimes maybe), we do practice the noble art of stellar database design and deployment. If that doesn’t fit the definition of “FileMaker Guru,” I don’t know what does.

If you’re looking for FileMaker Gurus, you have already discovered the power and beauty of FileMaker Pro, but you want to take it to a higher level, and so you have become a seeker. Now then, how does a FileMaker guru help you achieve this? We start with a rigorous Q A phase, appropriately named “Discovery.” While this might sound somewhat mystic, it really just entails us learning about your business, and offering insights as we go. This is the job of a FileMaker expert – not only to gain insight into your business, but also to share that insight and give you a fresh look at it as well. From this point forward, it’s a journey of enlightenment that leads to a sleek, powerful new app to help you run your business more efficiently. A worthy goal for any seeker!

For Filemaker design, Filemaker programming, or any other Filemaker consulting service, it’s best to trust those who lead by example. We believe that’s what we do here at Alchemy Consulting Group, and we hope you’ll give us a chance to show you all the possibilities this software can realize for your business.

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