Adopting a new software system for your company is a major undertaking, so you want to maximize your return on investment. In part two of our ROI series, we discuss one of the best ways to do that: bragging.?

A significant benefit of improving your company’s efficiency is the effect on customer service. With detailed, well organized information at everyone’s fingertips, answers to answer customer questions?are instantly accessible. Placing telephone or web-based orders is a breeze, and getting problems resolved happens with the utmost efficiency. Not only that, but you will find your quality control has increased as well.

Leveraging this new level of service is easily done via email announcements (hey, guess what? We have a new system to better serve you, our customers!), strategic insertion into client communications (I’d be happy to find the answer to your question; let me just look it up in our shiny new software); and even your advertising, in which you point out that you have invested in unique infrastructure that sets you apart from your competition. Your customers will appreciate a little look behind the curtain, and what they see will increase your company’s profile.

So make the most of your investment ? brag shamelessly!