At Alchemy Consulting Group, we understand some things:
  • The world of software is changing.
  • Small businesses can’t always keep up with the big players, but they want to compete.
  • Business owners need choices.

That’s why we have several options for you, the small business owner, to help you afford highly functional custom software. Everything we do for you is measured in hours, so the plans listed below are built around maximizing your custom software experience, and minimizing the impact on your organization, whether it’s large or small.


maximum savingsMAXIMUM SAVINGS
Is it more important that your company save the most money on the overall project? Purchase pre-paid blocks of time at a deep discount, in blocks of 100 hours or more.

easy pace

Do you want to control your monthly budget? Set up a Development Plan. You get to specify the number of hours we will work on your project every month.


If you just want to pay as you go, we work at the natural pace of the project and bill you once a month for the hours we worked.

finance plan

Did you know you can finance your software system the same way you can finance large equipment purchases? We offer business financing through our partners.

If you would like to know more about how you can afford a custom software system that will revolutionize your company without breaking the bank, contact us.