Large corporations spend more money than many of us make in a lifetime on core systems that pull together essential information for every facet of the company. The rest of us have to find more efficient and practical ways to meet the same needs. For many, the answer is FileMaker custom built software.

In the hands of an experienced FileMaker Consultant, the relatively inexpensive but highly versatile FileMaker software platform affords a wealth of features to provide the same type of core functionality enjoyed by “big iron” companies. With powerful new interface tools, a rapid application development platform, mobile capability via FileMaker Go, centralized data processing with FileMaker Server, and Web deployment capability, FileMaker software can be the backbone of your business.

The sky’s the limit – FileMaker software empowers you to manage your CRM, sales pipeline, estimating, order fulfillment, project management, factory floor management, quality control, inventory, materials resource planning, invoicing, shipping and receiving, human resources, bookkeeping and accounting, job costing, and anything else you can imagine – all in a custom-built environment designed just for your organization. There’s really nothing else like it, which is why FileMaker Pro wins major awards year after year. And it’s cross-platform, running exactly the same on Mac OS and Windows.

If you’re looking for Filemaker advanced developers, designers, and programmers, we have years of experience and a huge knowledge base here at Alchemy Consulting Group. We work on most versions of this platform, from Filemaker 8 through Filemaker 17.

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