FileMaker Go: Portable Power for Your Data

FileMaker Go has drawn a lot of attention since it first hit the market. There’s huge benefit to being able to take your data with you wherever you go, essentially untethering you from your desktop computer.

FileMaker Go is a very different animal from FileMaker Pro, the desktop edition of the FileMaker product line. The iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) require a different way of designing software, and FileMaker Go is no different. This is only one reason why you might need to call a FileMaker Go expert for some FileMaker Go help.

FileMaker Go opens up a whole new set of possibilities: imagine managing your inventory using FileMaker Go with a handheld device and a small, cordless Bluetooth scanner. Or meeting with a client and entering an order directly into FileMaker Go. Anywhere that you need to make your data more portable, FileMaker Go can help you make that happen.

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