FileMaker has reached two important milestones: The platform is now 30 years old, and still going strong. No longer a mom and pop database product, but a well-positioned, immensely powerful development platform to help anyone solve a host of difficult problems.

Moreover, the FileMaker Developer Conference celebrated its 20th year of giving developers insight, businesses vital networking opportunities, and the community as a whole a sense of – well, community.

DevCon 20 was one for the ages, held in fabulous Las Vegas at the swank Cosmopolitan Hotel. Some highlights:

  • Keynote: I can’t tell you much due to NDA restrictions. Let’s just say, the FileMaker platform is becoming ever more powerful, reliable, and modern as it moves forward.
  • Sessions: there were lots of new presenters this year, which is a good thing. Personally, I found the under the hood info about FileMaker Go particularly fascinating.
  • Awards: some very well-deserved excellence awards were given out. Todd Geist of Geist Interactive was honored for development leadership, along with Edward McPike of National Geographic; Albert Harum Alvarez of SmallCo was recognized for design; and Wim Decorte for leader of the year. Many others were given out as well.
  • Product Showcase: great products on display. The FileMaker community is very lucky to be so unbelievably well-supported by a plethora of great plug-ins, add-ons, and overall solutions.
  • Networking: one of the main reasons I go to DevCon is for the people I can meet and reconnect with. I had some great conversations with FileMaker personnel, as well as colleagues from all over the world. Having the opportunity to talk to the capable and receptive folks at FileMaker, Inc. is always a treat.

If you are a FileMaker developer and you have never attended a Developer Conference, I highly recommend you sign up for next year’s event. See you there!