You will most probably have heard about the release of Filemaker 15 and could be contemplating whether to upgrade to it or not. As with any new release of any software, Filemaker 15 comes with so many exciting features that will make your experience using it for your business better and easier.

Take a look at the new features of Filemaker 15 that will make you want to upgrade to it:


Filemaker Pro 15 | Alchemy Consulting Group, LLC

Filemaker applications are known for its ease of use and the developers of the software continue to grow in that reputation with this new release. Filemaker 15 comes with an updated user interface, new starter solutions, web based help and new developer tools that will help users who love to build and support their solutions themselves.


Filemaker Pro 15 | Alchemy Consulting Group, LLC

Filemaker 15 has newer features that will make your overall experience of Filemaker very fulfilling when it comes to security and performance.

When it comes to security, you can now hide sensitive information which you don’t want to be displayed on your screen, using the Concealed Edit Box. You will also get notified when you want to connect to hosts or website with invalid security certificate. Likewise, more SSL certificates from more vendors are now supported with this version of Filemaker.

In the line of enhanced performance, Filemaker 15 now has a feature that helps you to quickly find out the calls from connected clients which are taking the longest processing time and thus slowing down the Filemaker platform.

Additionally, the filtering and sorting of data now takes place independently. This enables you to keep using your application while those tasks are running. With the progress built in to this release, you will know when the task is completed.


Filemaker Pro 15 | Alchemy Consulting Group, LLC

Filemaker 15 now comes with a new feature that will aid you share and move your data on different platforms, thus expanding the mobility of your workforce.

If you are accessing the platform on 3D touch enable devices, you can now access the Launch Center and launch recent files directly. Also with a touch of your finger, you can easily unlock and securely access your custom apps.

In Filemaker 15, the new WebDirect mobile phone support feature will enable you optimize fonts, buttons and menus for a better experience using the app on your phone.

Alongside these new exciting features, there is now better support and an enhanced functionality that will make your use of Filemaker more rewarding.

So, I will advise you to upgrade to Filemaker 15 if you have not done so, to start enjoying the enhanced security and easier usage which this new release presents. You can use the help of a Filemaker Pro consultant to help make the upgrade a seamless process for you.