Norman Vincent Peale said, “Change your thoughts and you change your world.” This is something every business owner knows, because being able to change and adapt is a necessary survival skill for any business —and it begins in the CEO’s mind.

Back when Prince was known as “Prince” (ask your parents), I became part of the tech revolution of the 1980s, when desktop publishing first became practical on the Mac II computer. The moderately-sized, metropolitan weekly rag I worked for, thankfully, did not know a guy who knew a little bit about PCs from a full-blown Mac expert — so I became the IT Guy.

From that perspective, I learned a lot about how company decision-makers decide how to spend their technology budgets — or to be more accurate, decide not to have a budget at all. The idea that technology’s pace could outstrip yesterday’s purchases had not really taken hold, so my new job became a constant bird-like mating dance, where I tried to impress the powers-that-be of the importance of keeping up.

Fast forward twenty years, and I, now well-established as Alchemy’s president, found myself doing that same dance again, only this time for the decision-makers that comprise my client base. They had learned, the hard way, that not only did they need to continually upgrade hardware in their business, but also needed have an actual annual budget to plan for it. Unfortunately, the idea that they might also need custom software for business to make the best use of those computers and servers was still quite foreign.

Add another decade to our timeline, and here we are in the present day. Fortunately, I’m not having to do the dance nearly as much as I used to, because those same CEOs now know what I was trying to tell them all along: if your business does not have custom software in place, you are losing against your competitors.

Custom software for business makes it possible to:

  • Save bushels of money by increasing employee effectiveness
  • Solve complex “make or break” business decisions
  • Fix costly mistakes
  • Keep your customers, instead of handing them over to your competitors

Because here’s the reality: if you do not have an ongoing software budget that allows for highly customized software to help you run your organization, you are well behind the curve. Smart decision-makers have absorbed this fact and seized the initiative. They’re destroying their competition and rising to the top.

The really good news is that Alchemy Consulting is here to help you meet and beat this important milestone in your company’s ongoing story. Call us for a free consultation.

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