When it comes to managing your business’s data, there are a lot of competitors who think they have the answer to your problems. Many live in the cloud as pre-built software, where someone else’s imagination holds sway over how you get things done.
But what if you want to do things differently? What if you think about your business differently from the way others do? That’s where a Workplace Innovation Platform comes in.
A Workplace Innovation Platform is a brilliantly capable way to…
  • Provide tools for consultants and end users to build custom apps tailored to unique business needs.
  • Centralize data from existing appliance apps and processes.
  • Allow teams to share information in real time on any device.
Recently, G2 Crowd ranked FileMaker #1 in Workplace Innovation Platforms. Those of us who work with this amazing platform weren’t surprised. We have been building custom apps to meet every business challenge – from managing contacts, projects, tasks, schedules, inventory, documents, orders, invoices, and estimates, to merging data from multiple sources and collecting field data and surveys – for years.
Are you ready to innovate in your workplace? Let us know!