Business in the modern world runs on a drastically different landscape than it did fifty, or even twenty years ago. Sure, our working memory may no be what it used to be, but we have more information at our fingertips than ever before. That is because for decades humanity has come to rely more and more on computers to get things done. And that is a good thing, there is too much that goes into running a business for an owner to have to address every single aspect; every task you can delegate to an automated system frees up more time to focus on important decisions. But not all business software is created equal. Here, we would like to go over the benefits of custom versus commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) business software.

Get All Your “Must-Haves”

A key guideline to buying COTS software is that it should have at least 80 percent of the features that you are looking for. 80 percent may qualify as “most”, but that shouldn’t be good enough in a business setting. That is work your employees are going to have to pick up. When you get custom business software, you buy only the features you want (without having to sign onto superfluous packages and pay for unneeded features), not only giving you the best bang for your buck, but also ensuring your business has everything it needs to run smoothly.


Many COTS systems are billed as customizable, but the actual level of control you are given will vary widely from product to product. Oftentimes, when you consider the extra effort or cost that goes into customizing a COTS solution, you will find that it would have been more cost effective to just get custom software, which by definition is made exactly to your needs and specifications.

Similar Overall Expenses

Custom software solutions have a general perception of being more expensive, but this is only the case for upfront cost. Once you factor in things like licenses, ongoing expenses, and upgrade downtime, the costs tend to even out. The only difference being one is a fully customized software solution tailored to your individual business, while the other is a pre packaged one size fits all deal.


One of the biggest mistakes growing businesses tend to make is committing to business software that cannot handle their rate of growth. When you order a custom software solution, your programmers are going to be considering plans for expansion in their features. With the ability to plan for any amount of scaling, custom business software solutions keep businesses from getting hamstrung during high growth periods.


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