If you missed Alchemy Consulting President Bob Shockey’s 35-minute webinar, presented in conjunction with FileMaker, Inc. on August 8, 2017, you missed out on the opportunity to see how quickly a new custom app for your business pays for itself. But, you are in luck! You can view the webinar , aptly titled “Mobility for Field Service Teams,” right now. Bob shares Alchemy’s powerful ServTek Core office and mobile app, and demonstrates how easily field service teams can be linked to the office system to provide real time updates, share photos from the field, accept credit cards, and email invoices straight to the customer’s inbox.

Another great part of this presentation is that Bob explains just how extensible this app can be with custom additions for inventory, contract management, integration with Quickbooks and Docusign, marketing tools, and much more. He also describes how the custom software advantage makes it possible for your organization to gain a competitive advantage by providing better customer service, quicker and more in-depth answers, and raising the organization’s profile within your industry. If you have been wondering how to best gain that competitive advantage your organization needs to take things to the next level, there just might be something here you can use.

Bob also shares valuable information about the return on investment (ROI) businesses can enjoy by installing a mobile system like ServTek. He demonstrates that it is strikingly easy for businesses to recoup the cost of custom software, just in employee time savings alone. Just five minutes per hour saved, for each employee, can and will save your business thousands of dollars. Of course, most people save way more than five minutes per hour – it’s not uncommon for a laborious, half-day process to be reduced to a few minutes. In fact, the ROI on a FileMaker system from Alchemy can be downright astonishing. Want to see some actual numbers? Watch the webinar to learn more!